Flags & Flagpole Rentals in London & the Surrounding Area

Who Rents Flagpoles?

  • Companies that have important guests coming to do business from other countries. Nothing makes as big an impact as seeing their country flag on display
  • Conferences
  • Associations, clubs or any special get-togethers
  • Churches are also another group that will rent flags etc. for special missions or prayer to encourage goodwill for new Canadians to make them feel welcome
  • Colleges and universities The University of Western Ontario likes to welcome new students from a variety of countries and it just makes good economic sense to rent flags from different countries to add to their own display collection for the first welcome week. The flags, flagpoles and stands generally rent for indoor displays at $5.00 each or $15.00 per set. We are pretty relaxed on the duration of the rental, which can be anywhere from 1 day to a week with regular customers. Deliveries and set ups are easily arranged in London, Ontario where we are located, but we can ship across Canada with a security hold on a Visa or M/C until the rental is returned in good condition.

New Century Flags: Provincial, Global & Custom Flags in London

We provide London residents with Canadian, Provincial, International, Seasonal and Custom flags as well as flagpoles. We also offer decorative flags and flag rental for special occasions.

An Assortment of Quality, Durable, Weather-Resistant Flags

The flags we construct here at New Century Flags are made with the finest quality fabrics to ensure they hold up to the elements. There are 2 main types of flag materials; we use 210 Denier Tackle 2 nylon (UV protected and made in Canada) and satin polyester blends (comes in 3 sizes and they are a great inexpensive outdoor seasonal option). Our Canadian-made nylon outdoor flags are solar protected and built to resist fading due to sun exposure, as well as weather wear and tear.

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